Hyosun KIM

Hyosun KIM


My artworks focus on the phenomenon of Korean moon jar making method. The top and bottom of the bowl shape join and make form a single shape as a moon jar, which can be said to be a combination of A and B to create C. Therefore, I will reveal, explore and express the original qualities of A and the original qualities of B and create C that is the fundamental concept. This can be expressed through a juxtaposition hybrid of material, phenomenal, or process.



2010- 2014 PhD (Ceramic) University of Sunderland. Thesis: The possibility of risk: an Exploration of failure as success through the creation of contemporary ceramic artworks based upon the Korean moon jar
2003-2004 MA (Ceramic) Cardiff Metropolitan University (formerly; University of Wales Institute Cardiff) Thesis: Sensuous folds of flesh (an investigation on into the expression of folds of flesh on the obese women body through the medium of ceramic and drawing)
1998-2000 MA (Ceramic) Seoul National University of Science and Technology (formerly; Seoul National University of Technology) Thesis: Aesthetic of Death
1996-1998 BA (Hons) (Ceramic) Seoul National University of Science and Technology (formerly; Seoul National University of Technology)
1991-1993 Diploma (Ceramics) Hanyang Women’s University

Solo Exhibitions

2023: Something in Between: From the Aesthetic Difference (Jeong Hyang Jae, Seoul, Korea)
2021: The Journey of Moon Jar-Leach artist in-Residence, The Leach pottery museum (StIves, UK)
Moon, Moon, What Moon, Container Art Lab Selected Artist (Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea)
2019: Metaphors of moon jar –Beauty of Subversion, Invitational exhibition (Gallery Zeinxeno, Seoul, Korea)
2016: The Korean Moon Jar: Fresh Perspective, Invitational exhibition (Space + gallery, Ansung, Korea)
2014: Re-interpreting the Korean Moon Jar, Invitational exhibition (Durham University Oriental Museum, UK)
2013: Solo Exhibition By Hyosun Kim, Invitational exhibition (CARCous Research Gallery National Glass Centre, UK)
2011: Origin, Old Spitalfields Market (London, UK)
2004: MA fine art & MA Ceramics Exhibition Howard Gardens Gallery (Cardiff, UK)
2000: Solo Ceramic Exhibition Bulam Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023: Galley Moon Open Group Exhibition (Galley Moon, Seoul, Korea)
2022: Yanggu White Porcelain Jewellery Exhibition: Yanggu White Porcelain Museum Special Exhibition (Yanggu White Porcelain Museum, Yanggu. Korea)
2020: City art community international project- where, in what from, shall we meet again- Jeju scoria (Online exhibition) http://cac20.co.kr/
From the clay of the beginning (Jeju Onggi Sum Museum, Jeju, Korea)
2019: China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair (Jingdezhen international Hall, China)
2018: Playful thinking-Green apple (Gallery Zeinxeno, Seoul, Korea)
2015: Making waves (Seoul National University of Science and Technology Museum of Art, Seoul)
Korea Women Ceramist Association International Exhibition (Ichen Cerapia, Seoul)
2014: Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia (ClayArch Gimhae Museum Dome House, Korea)
2013: PhD Research from the University of Sunderland (National Glass Centre, UK)
2011-2012: PhD Research from the University of Sunderland (National Glass Centre, UK)
2011: British Ceramic Biennial “Fresh”(Stoke-on-Trent, UK)
New Blood, SandfordGoudie Galley, The Custom House (South Shields, UK)
A Journey in Glass and Ceramic, Bed’s world Museum (Sunderland, UK)


2021 Selected as an Artist for Overseas Residence Program by Arts Council Korea
2021 Selected as an Artist for Overseas Residence Program by Korea Craft & Design Foundation
2020 Selected Bernard Leach 100 Open International artists (St Ives, UK)

Residency Programme

2021 Bernard Leach 100 Artists-in- Residence (The Leach Pottery, St Ives, UK)
2017 Asia Culture Centre R-Creators (Gwangju, Korea)

Public Collections 

2022 Yanggu Porcelain Museum (Korea)
2020 Yanggu Porcelain Museum (Korea)
2014 Durham University Oriental Museum (UK)


2021 “The Journey of Moon Jar-2021 Moon jar series in The Leach Pottery” Art Council Korea, ISBN 979-11-972999-3-3
“The Journey of Moon jar” Art Council Korea, Korea Craft & Design Foundation, ISBN 979-11-972999-4-0
2020 “Everyday object- Juju’s clay and wood” Cheongju Cultural Industry Promotion Foundation ISBN 979-11-972999-0-2
“The Perception of Jeju through Scoria” (Where, in What from, Shall We Meet Again- Scoria, Scoria Jeju Scoria, Jeju culture and art foundation ISBN 979-11-972999-1-9

Hyosun Kim is featured on CARCuos (Ceramic Arts Research Centre University of Sunderland) blog regarding her research titled ‘The possibility of risk: the visible and the perceived- an exploration of waster pieces within Korean and UK ceramics.’

Please click the following link for the full article; https://carcuos.wordpress.com/hyo-sun-kim/


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